40+ Production Capture Life-Savers

Why add components from Absolute Capture’s Software Library? Easy … to enhance your production solution through configuration, not custom coding. Absolute Capture’s highly configurable capture tools save a fortune on development by greatly decreasing development time. Additionally, these tools increase automation, add tremendous functionality, lessen the need for scripting, simplify upgrades, and ensure that Best Practices are adhered to.

Below is a brief description of some of our best selling software components. Please call us on any of these products or any other document and data capture needs.

Conditional Redirect Agent

Enables multiple rules and actions to be applied to batches, documents and metadata. Redirects batches for automatic processing.

Ultimate Export Connector

Highly configurable release script that releases batches in a variety of different formats. Data outputs include text in a variety of formats, database (via table update or stored procedure), XML, and EDI (with intuitive record configuration).

Email Import Agent

Modular email import for enterprise capture. Supports multiple instances per environment and per machine. Fast and robust, able to extract embedded messages, contents of ZIP files and PDF portfolios.

Absolute Monitor

Configurable service that monitors capture queues, services, directories, drive space, etc., and sends email alerts. Intuitive dashboard shows current system status.

File Import Preparation Agent

Retrieves files to be imported from specified folders and prepares them for import into Kofax Capture.

Email Preparation Module

Enhances email processing (or other types of imported batches) to allow configurable document attachment handling.

Document Conversion Module

Automated Module that converts over 50 file types (including Microsoft Office documents, image files, PDF files) to TIFF or PDF.

Aged File Cleanup Utility

Manages, moves, and deletes files and folders based on specific criteria.

Formatting Module

Configurable module that allows any metadata to be formatted to match any back-end system requirements.

Image Standardization Module

Ensures consistent image attributes regardless of input source.

Batch Splitter Module

Splits and reclassifies batches based on an array of conditional criteria.

Web Service Lookup

Enables lookups for data verification and retrieval using Web Services.

Validations Table Panel

Alternative indexing panel for high volume, multi-record indexing.

Document Splitter Module

Splits and optionally reclassifies documents based on an array of conditional criteria.

Redaction Module

Configurable module that redacts an area of a page.

Automated Lookup Module

Performs unattended database lookups independent of validation.

Imprint Module

Digitally stamps configurable information (dates, batch ids, etc.) onto images.

Audit Module

Redirects configurable percentages of batches or documents to Verification based on User, Batch Class, Site, Station, or Location.

Email Forwarding Module

Automated Email Export from within Kofax Capture.

Copy/Track Panel

Allows images to be copied with page level index information tracked. Also allows for printing and saving of images.

Rejection Module

Removes pages or documents in a batch based on configurable criteria and issues a report.

File Mailer Agent

Automated Email Export from monitored directory.

PDF Bookmarking Module

Combines PDF files into a Bookmarked PDF with index tabs.


Thin Client Reporting

Reproduces standard and custom reports for your Kofax environment using a thin client.