Driven by quality, Absolute Capture’s service offering reflects a significant investment in its customers.

Absolute Capture is a ‘soup to nuts’ organization positioned to provide the full range of services relating to the implementation and support of innovative capture and workflow solutions. Key services we provide include but are not limited to consulting, discovery, design, development, implementation, project management, training and support. Absolute Capture’s depth of experience enables us to help our customers realize the greatest return on their investment, optimize their system’s performance, and mitigate risks by avoiding common pitfalls in any production launch. The value of “doing it right the first time” is something our customers have come to appreciate in both savings and productivity.

Development Rock Stars !!!
— Major Partner

What We've Achieved

  • Developed over forty software routines, modules, panels, and workflow agents that expand and automate production capture systems.
  • Top Reseller Status with most of our major vendors.
  • Longest software vendor at one of the largest regional insurance companies.
  • Retained top-rated software team for over 10 years.
  • Primary capture vendor at over 50 companies supporting over 500 locations. 
  • Support customer licenses totaling over 100M pages per year.
  • Worked with top software development teams at major Health Systems, Financial Institutions, State Governments, Utility, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Service Companies.