Absolute Capture has designed systems for many industries including;

  • Medical Claims

  • Finance

  • Utilities

  • Accounts Payable

  • State Government

  • Services

  • Health Systems

  • Manufacturing


  • Insurance

  • Mailroom

  • Trucking

  • Education


Our government accounts process hundreds of different document types every day. Our systems guarantee they are all indexed, processed, and stored properly.


Medical Claims

Absolute Capture has taken Kofax KTM with the Medical Claims Add-On to a new level of classification and recognition, making it truly ready for your production environment.



From FNOLs through Claims Adjudication, getting the right documents to the right people in a timely manner is critical. Our experience working with many large insurance companies insures that Absolute Capture can provide all of the pieces you need to complement your existing systems.


Whether you are providing Financial Services, Help Desk, Invoice Processing or any other paper intensive operations, we can assist in streamlining the entire operation.


Commercial Banking, Investment Advisers, Broker/Dealers, Retirement Systems ... the paperwork and processing is endless. Our experience in these markets can help make your job easier.


There is no end to all of the incoming documents including letters, emails, faxes, and electronic uploads. Let our custom components help you get your arms around all of these.


Health Systems

Using some of our custom designed applications, we can get documents from unlimited remote locations into your existing backend Medical System (EPIC, Cerner, Allscripts, etc.) faster and easier.


Keeping track of contracts, 50 year old land leases, billing, etc. can be very time consuming. Let Absolute Capture help you make sure all of your information is in the right place and easily retrievable.


Bill of Lading, Contracts, Hazardous Materials Certificates, and dozens of other forms all need to be retained for specific periods of time. Our software can make that task much simpler.



From Payables to Production Reports, Absolute Capture can capture your important information and make it quickly and easily accessible to all secured users.


Accounts Payable

Automating your Accounts Payable processing can be one of the biggest cost savings your company can implement. Invoice recognition, P.O. lookup with line item matching, and end-to-end processing can all be accomplished with Absolute Capture and Kofax.


Absolute Capture designed an Answer Sheet Generator that automatically produces student labeled bubble-mapped answer sheets from specific exams. After scanning, the system was able to automatically grade the exams and upload the results.